Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Series Sales

I am so happy to report that my latest series of paintings is selling! I paint because I love it, and I can't not paint, but it is just the cherry on the sundae when they sell as well. I seem to constantly move from one series to the next, and some sell and some don't. Some I love and some I don't. Lately I have found myself painting over the ones that I don't love and trying again for something I do love. I seldom need to buy canvas or boards anymore since I started repainting those that I do not love.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Barbara DePirro Workshop

I had the good fortune to attend a three day workshop put on by Barbara DePirro last Saturday through Monday. What a good time was had by all. She is a terrific instructor and always teaches such interesting classes. All of the supplies are provided, which is a big deal because you always need a lot of supplies in her classes. The class was called Collage/Decollage. It was the decollage part that I was attracted to. It involved sanding, scratching, tearing and grinding your paintings. How could that not be a fun thing for an experimental painter like myself?

I also have big plans for the coming weekend starting on Friday. I intend to spend a good share of it at home and in my studio. Yeah!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Painting Again

Hooray! I am finally painting again. I thought I was broken. I have managed to get into my studio and paint three or four times this week, and I am actually finishing some paintings. I can never figure out why I stop painting. Every once in awhile I just dry up creatively. It is usually because I am ready to start something new. However, this time, since I have gotten back to the studio, I am painting the same things, mostly figurative.

I finally had a sale at Parklane Gallery (the above painting). It was a long, long dry spell for me there. I also have sold 12 paintings at Matthew Robert Salon and have another two weeks there. What a great place, owned by wonderful, art loving people. They get so excited about the art that it flies off the walls. It is also up for three months, which I think makes a difference. When I hang my art at Parklane Gallery, it is only up for a month. Sometimes that is not long enough. I have started leaving some of my paintings up for another month to give them more exposure. You are supposed to change at least 50% of your work each month.

Today is experimental painters day at my studio, and I am really looking forward to being with this great group of women artists who are constantly discovering something new to add to their paintings. I am sure it will be a great day.