Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still Battling the Missing Muse Blues

I have finally given up waiting for the next big thing to strike me, and I am just painting whatever happens. The top piece is on paper, and the dark spots on the upper part of the paper are actually holes I poked with my favorite sharp clay tool. The lower piece is a 10x10 addition to my large women doing unexpected things series. I will not be showing that series until May of 2011 at Local Color. I do have all the pieces on my website though.

Speaking of my website, I just spent almost a week with my website down because my website company had a huge meltdown. What a mess. I am glad to have it back up again. You don't realize how often you refer people to your website until you don't have it.

I just heard today that I won one of the prizes for the Pathways for Women raffle at Musings. I must get in there tomorrow and pick something out. They have something like 25 donations from Musings' artists.