Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I simply cannot believe that I have not entered anything in my blog since before the Edmonds Art Studio Tour in September.  Right after the tour we went on a cruise to France & Spain, so that is the reason I checked out for a little while.  However, where have I been since the middle of October.  Right here at home and painting.  I needed to paint fruit for a couple of shows I have currently going up at Artisan Framing in Mill Creek and FrameUp in Fremont.  The piece above is 36x36 (the largest pears I have every painted) and currently hanging at Artisan Framing.  If it doesn't sell there, it will be donated to the H'Arts Auction in February.  Since that is my plan, I am sure it will sell at Artisan Framing!  Then I will need to paint another 36x36 of pears.

I also needed to paint trees for a November/December show at Mukilteo Art & Frame.  I sold the ones I was going to use, so had to paint some new ones pronto!

Next I needed to do some hearts for C'est la Vie in January and February, and I got those done.  Then I needed to paint a 24x24 abstract landscape for a previous customer who wanted something specific.

Now I am done with all the things I needed to paint, and I can paint whatever I want to paint, and am very happy about that.  You should start seeing more frequent entries from me with new work very soon.