Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Working With Plaster

This is one of my new paintings using plaster. It is hard to see any difference in the image, but it is quite different to work on than acrylic grounds like modeling paste. I really enjoy carving it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Busy Days

I have been making a conscious effort not to let my life get too busy since my back surgery in September. However, I seem to be losing my grip on that goal right now. Between the health related things I must do and the creative things I want to do, life is getting complicated again.

I have the Kirkland Art Studio Tour on Mother's Day weekend and a figurative show at Local Color for the month of May. That involves a lot of paintings, and I have not been painting as much as usual the last 6 months. Fortunately, I have already produced the paintings for the Local Color show, but I need more for the Kirkland Art Studio Tour.

Let us not forget that I will be showing with Nancy Thompson at Matthew Robert Salon in Edmonds June through August.

As soon as the Edmonds Studio Tour is over in September, I will be having knee replacement surgery. I will then have 10 weeks to recover before leaving on a cruise! As soon as we return from the cruise, I have the Edmonds Art Studio Tour. By the way, I am the co-chair for this tour. I do admit that my co-chair, Nancy Thompson, is doing most of the work!

Are you tired yet? Apparently I have my life planned for the next eight months. After that I will be having surgery on the other knee!

Coffee Cups

I just finished a group of small coffee cup paintings to display at Local Color at the Pike Place Market. It was fun to paint something small, quick and colorful.

I am still experimenting with the use of plaster on board and have done some interesting things. As soon as I get them photographed, I will post a couple of them.