Friday, August 19, 2011

Icon Show

I just haven't been getting much painting done lately, and that means I don't often post here. I have just two new paintings which I submitted for the Icon show at Fraker/Scott Gallery in September. The one shown above was accepted. Check out to get the details on the show. It should be a good one, with many local artists represented.

The reason I have not been getting much painting done is because I have been making molds and clay heads. For at least two years I have been thinking of making three dimensional mixed media sculptures. However, I haven't been able to move forward with it because I don't know how to accomplish it. I keep gathering materials that I imagine using in these sculptures, and I have started making heads. I spend a lot of time at thrift stores looking for dolls that I can behead and make molds from. Now I must learn how to make them stand up! I got excited because Tory Brokenshire was doing a Santos Doll workshop at ArtFest this year. Then I noticed that it is on a day that we will be away. Darn! I guess I will just have to figure this out for myself.