Saturday, June 22, 2013

Edmonds Art Walk

I was the featured artist for June art walk at ARTspot.  Tracy just sent me some photos from the event, so I thought I would post one of them here.  It was a fun evening, with lots of folks to visit with, even though it was pouring rain the entire time.  There are some intrepid souls who venture out despite the weather.  They are the true Northwesterners.  See Tracy and I below.

Edmonds Arts Festival Juried Show

I had two pieces selected for the Edmonds Arts Festival Juried Show this year.  They are both below.  The first one, called "A Pair and A Half" won an Honorable Mention.  The second image below is the other selected piece and is entitled "Mardi Gras".

"A Pair and A Half" can now be seen at ARTspot in Edmonds.

Local Color Show

I am still catching up with all the art events that I have failed to write about over the last few months.  I have a show up at Local Color across the street from Pike Place Market.  It is an all figurative show and will be up through the end of July.  The show consists of two types of figurative paintings, the first being the long-legged people like the first image below.  The second being the more ethnic looking people represented by the second image below.

It seems I have all but abandoned my blog since I have not written here since February.  So, I will have several entries to do all in a row.  The first is that I spent March 15 to April 15 in Palm Springs.  I do not like to write about being out of town, while I am still away, and then suddenly it is months later.  Palm Springs was wonderful.  We did not have a day under 80 degrees.  That is just fine for me because I spend the entire month either in the swimming pool or reading and painting beside the pool.  The first week I was there I took a five day workshop with Gwen Fox.  Gwen is a lovely person and she has taught me a lot about design.  Since I do not have a formal art education, I have never learned much about design.  A lot of it I do instinctively, but when it is wrong, I don't always know why.  Below are three of the paintings I completed in Gwen's workshop.  I completed a lot more sitting by the pool the rest of the month.