Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day One of the Studio Tour

I sold this 18x24 piece at the tour yesterday. Thank you Eiya!

Friday, September 17, 2010

One More Day Until the Tour!

Okay, yesterday I said those were the last images, but I actually have a couple more that were just finished too. So, here they are. I am as ready as I am going to get for the tour. My husband is still doing the heavy lifting, but since I can't help with that, I am about done.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Edmonds Art Studio Tour

Only two days until the tour!!!! I am still painting. Actually, my husband said he is not taking anymore photographs, so I guess I am done. We needed to put the equipment away. The above are the latest and last.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Five Days to the Edmonds Studio Tour

I am getting really excited about the tour and that it is only five days away. I hope that you will all come and visit me and see all my new paintings. This is one of the newest ones.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Matthew Robert Salon Show

The show will be up at Matthew Robert Salon from September 12 through November.

Eight Days to Edmonds Studio Tour

I can't believe I only have 8 days until the studio tour. Instead of getting my studio ready, I keep going in there and painting. When I paint, that means I have paintings that need to be photographed. So, how can I put away the photo equipment that is all over, when I might need to photograph something so I can sell it? Then, after it is photographed, I need to put the hardware on it and sign it. That means I cannot put away all the hardware and associated equipment. Seems like I should stop painting, but I am onto something new and can't control it!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Something New!

I am very excited about the new painting I created yesterday. It is quite different from anything I have done before. It starts with lots of textured paper. Actually it started with a completely different painting that I painted over. Since completing this one, I have created four more boards with very textured beginnings to create similar work. I feel a new series coming on! Click on the image to get a better look at the texture.

Edmonds Art Studio Tour

It is time to start plugging the Edmonds Art Studio Tour. It is only two weeks from now on September 18 & 19. I can't believe it is so close. I have been working on getting ready for it, but not fast enough. I really look forward to this event. It is my favorite because I do not have to leave my own studio and can talk to people for two days about my art. It is a bonus that I also sell my art. Go to for more information on the tour. There are 42 artists at 21 studios.

I am very glad that I have this to look forward to, because just three days after the tour I am having back surgery. Oh no! Well, I prefer to think about the part where I can walk without pain, without numb feet and without pain medication. There is this little part where I need 6 months to recover that has me worried. I am sure that I will find a way to paint within the first month. I am pretty sure that I cannot go more than a couple weeks without painting.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Studio Pictures

I decided today to take a few pictures of my studio to share with you. This was probably motivated by today's trip to The Paper Source, where I bought several stunning new papers to work with. I, of course, have more paper than I will ever use in my lifetime, but must have more. The first image is of the paints and brushes that I use everyday. The second is one wall of my studio. I have slatwall, and I hang each painting as it is finished and it eventually goes from there to a show. Or, some of them actually end up going back into a pile that I repaint. The table at the bottom of the picture is where I have pieces drying that I am currently working on. The third picture is of the shelving behind where I sit to do my painting. It has all my really good stuff like polymer clay, metal, painted papers, yarn, etc. The fourth picture is of some of the beautiful paper I purchased today. I can't wait to use it. Watch for it!