Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In the Works

I have just returned from a two week cruise to Greece and Turkey.  We were supposed to go to Israel, but you can imagine why that did not happen.  I am now frantically trying to get ready for the Edmonds Art Studio Tour, which is September 20 & 21st.  More about the tour later.  I want to get a few small acrylic pieces done for the tour, as I have mostly been painting with encaustic for the last year.  There just does not seem to be any time to paint lately as other things seem to keep taking precedence.

The painting group that meets monthly at my house is today, so hopefully I will get a lot of painting done over the next few hours.  This group has been meeting for at least five years, with a few changes, and it is a high point of my month.  Edmonds artists Tracy Felix, Lynn Scott, Mona Smiley Fairbanks, Angela Bandurka, Nancy Thompson and Donna Wallace from Redmond are the group members and it is a truly talented group.

I'll be back with some new acrylic paintings in a few days!

Here is a nice shot of some of the ruins at Aspendos in Turkey.  This is just one of many lovely sights I saw during the cruise.