Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Local Color Sales

I just sold this piece and 7 others to one customer at Local Color.  Nice sale!  If the buyer happens to be reading this, let me know who you are.  Several others from this show have sold as well.  I wish everything I paint would sell as well as fruit.  This show comes down August 2, but I will be selling the fruit paintings at FrameUp in Fremont in December.

While this show was hanging at Local Color, actors Will Ferrell and Zack (whose last name I can never remember) were there selling coffee for three hours as part of a promotion for their latest movie.  I was hoping a lot of new eyes would see my paintings.  However, there were thousands of people waiting to get in and so crowded that I am sure no one could see the paintings even if they tried!

New Figurative Piece

I am struggling with a new figurative series.  It seems like at least once a year I go off on a figurative tangent, and I can never get quite what I want.  This is the latest attempt, and I am not satisfied.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


This is one of the pieces I will be showing at ArtSplash, July 18-22 at ArtWorks.  This is the annual show put on by ArtistsConnect, an artists' support group that meets the fourth Saturday of each month at ArtWorks.  This show will include artists showing for the first time as well as experienced artists.  If you are interested in the show or in joining the group, check it out at www.artists-connect.com.