Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Painting

This is the only painting from the current figurative series that I have completed. I hope to have a couple more completed by tomorrow. I only have a couple of weeks to paint if I want to have anything new to show at the Kirkland Art Studio Tour!

Paintings in Progress

Okay, here are a couple of the paintings I am currently working on. They are in the early stages. The bottom one I have only worked on once since applying the Citra Solv papers. The upper one, I have worked on establishing the figure a little more.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Paintings & Old Paintings

The first two images are of something I painted a few years ago. I recently altered the pieces by cutting them into 10x10 squares. The third piece is something I painted a couple of weeks ago, and it is titled "Abundance". All three of these paintings are currently showing at Fraker/Scott Gallery in Pioneer Square. Check out the show at It is a great show, and I am especially fond of Pamela Mummy's voluptuous women sculptures.

My Muse is Back!

She has been missing for months, but my muse has returned, and I am very happy to see her. Unfortunately I may not have any images to show you for awhile, but I am busily painting more full figured women. I am using the Citra Solv papers once again. It seems that these things are cyclical for me. I think I am finished with something, and here it comes again. I certainly have been into figures for a long while now. The style changes, but the majority of my work remains figurative. Perhaps tomorrow I will try to get some "in progress" shots of what I am currently working on.