Monday, December 19, 2011

Finally a New Painting

I painted a smaller version of this that I really liked. While I was (actually I still am) struggling to create something new and exciting, I decided to create a larger version. Unfortunately there are things I would like to change about it, but it has been accepted for the E.A.F.A. Abstract Show that is coming up soon. It will be at the Seattle Design Center January 10 - February 24. The reception will be on January 15 from 4:30-8:30 if you are interested. It is sure to be a good show.

New Pear Paintings

These are the two pear paintings I referred to in my last post. The one with three pears is the one that had been sitting in the closet half finished for three years. The other is one that I painted to use an old canvas that had a lot of texture on it, and I like the way it turned out.