Saturday, June 22, 2013

It seems I have all but abandoned my blog since I have not written here since February.  So, I will have several entries to do all in a row.  The first is that I spent March 15 to April 15 in Palm Springs.  I do not like to write about being out of town, while I am still away, and then suddenly it is months later.  Palm Springs was wonderful.  We did not have a day under 80 degrees.  That is just fine for me because I spend the entire month either in the swimming pool or reading and painting beside the pool.  The first week I was there I took a five day workshop with Gwen Fox.  Gwen is a lovely person and she has taught me a lot about design.  Since I do not have a formal art education, I have never learned much about design.  A lot of it I do instinctively, but when it is wrong, I don't always know why.  Below are three of the paintings I completed in Gwen's workshop.  I completed a lot more sitting by the pool the rest of the month.

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