Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Continuing Saga of Encaustic Painting

No matter how I try, I have let another month go by without writing.  I guess I am just too busy painting!  Mostly I am still trying to learn to paint with encaustic.  It is a steep learning curve for me, and I need to try some new techniques.  I am wearing out the techniques that I have more or less mastered.

This one is 6x6 and is simply a piece of paper that I made and encaustic medium.  I should make some more of this paper, as I really like it.

This is one of my favorites though it is very simple.  It is 5x7 and is an encaustic monoprint.  I need to do some more of these, as this was my only successful one!

This was a monoprint that I adhered to a board and then added more encaustic over it.  I did a couple of these, but it was a difficult technique to complete successfully.  I kept tearing the paper.  I like the look though, so will keep at it.

That's it for now.  I hope I will be back with something new to show you in less than a month the next time.

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