Monday, February 3, 2014

How Long??????

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted here.  Time seems to just disappear.  I continue to work mostly in encaustic.  I have been experimenting with putting encaustic on acrylic paintings, which you are not supposed to be able to do.  It does seem to be working.  Below is one of these experiments.

I have also managed to get a few abstract acrylic pieces done over the last couple of months.  If it were not for my painting group once a month, I probably would not be getting these acrylic paintings done.  Everytime they come, I have to clean up my encaustic area so that there is room for everyone to paint.  There are seven of us if everyone makes it, and my studio is not that large.  Once the encaustic materials are put away I manage to get a few acrylics done.  You will find one of the most recent below.  Unfortunately it does not photograph very well.  It has a very glossy medium over it that looks great, but doesn't show well in the image.

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  1. OK Sue, now you are scaring me! Were you born to do encaustic art? Looking great!! Keep it up...