Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Works Salon

Hooray! I have finally got a painting started for the new works salon at Lynn Scott's home on August 8. I haven't been painting very much lately and have been worrying about having something new for this event. After all, it is a NEW WORKS SALON. The painting is not finished, but at least I have something going now. I will be able to stay home and paint on Sunday, so I hope to finish it then.

It is interesting to me how sometimes I just cannot paint. I go to my studio and put things away, look at old paintings, look at books and magazines, clean my equipment, anything but paint. When I try to paint at those times, I just make messes. I have two shelves of paintings that I started during those times, and they await a new life. I seem distracted, unable to settle down to painting. All creativity seems to have fled. Then, one day it is just over, and I never know why.

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