Friday, July 3, 2009

No Studio Time

Something has happened to my life, and I am hardly ever getting any studio time. I fear it is lack of motivation. I must do something to inspire myself. I seem to work in flurries lately. I go to the studio and work on 6 or 7 paintings for a week and then don't accomplish anything for three weeks. I even had to cancel my experimental painter's group at my house this week, and that is something that always jump starts my creativity.

I am procrastinating about what to hang at Parklane Gallery on Monday. Also procrastinating about what I will show at ARTSplash in Edmonds on July 16-19. Once I get those nailed down, I need to start thinking about what I will show at Local Color in August. I just can't believe it is July already. I just got an e-mail about what I am going to donate to the Seattle Men's Chorus Auction in September. I swear I just went to that auction a couple of months ago, and it is almost here again.


  1. understand. while i have things coming up (shows and such), i feel no ummppff to get in the studio. reading a lot. playing around with ideas, but nothing is totally grabbing me. what do you think that is.....??

  2. Isn't that weird. I swear that we are like a cassette tape. The closer to the end it gets the faster it appears to wind. Time is spinning by like crazy.

    Everything is grabbing my attention. I just can't figure out what to do.
    Today I decided to watch the SCI-Fi channel Twilight Zone shows.