Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Local Color

Saturday night was the opening for my figurative show at Local Color. It was not particularly well attended, probably because of the heat. Local Color does not have air conditioning on because the front is open to street. It is located across the street from Pike Place Market, so it is always an interesting venue. While we were there a wedding party walked down the street with umbrellas like they do in New Orleans. Instead of jazz though, they had bagpipe players. It was quite a sight.

My favorite painting in the show sold before I got there for the opening. I sold another piece to a couple from Israel who are traveling the United States for two months. I now have paintings in Israel, France and England. I can say I am an international artist! The two pieces sold are above this entry, and the one traveling to Israel is the second one, titled Indulge Every Day. Although you cannot see it in the image, the dancer has a tulle ruff around his neck.

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