Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nan Robkin's Paper Making Class

I took a fun class today with Nan Robkin. We decorated papers to use in collages, books, whatever. I still have purple hands and think they may look like that for awhile. We used paint, ink, dye, pastels, graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, crayon and a lot of stuff I can't remember to decorate papers. The papers we put these mediums on were filter paper (which is a medical supply that you can buy at Creation Station), tissue paper, watercolor paper, and paper towels. I got into using all the fascinating texture plates that Nan had and ended up spending most of my time doing that rather than learning all the other possibilities. I made enough papers to last me for years, but I bet I will run out and buy some of the texture plates before a week goes by and continue making papers.

I also attended the ArtistsConnect meeting today. We had demonstrations by Janis Graves and Kelly Tissot. Janis discussed working with pastels and Kelly demonstrated her method of drip painting.

So it has been an art filled day, and I plan to spend tomorrow painting as well.

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