Friday, February 12, 2010

More New Work

I do not seem to have much to say on my blog lately, but I do have several new paintings.
The top one is 12x12 on canvas. The interesting thing about it is the middle portion. I had put crackle paste on the canvas in the beginning. Then I ended up putting on so many layers of paint that the crackle paste didn't show anymore. So, I chipped off the crackle paste and got that interesting pattern underneath. It doesn't show real well in a photograph, but you should be able to see some of the pattern. This is what experimental painters do!

I like some things about the lower painting, but I am not satisfied with it. So, if any of my readers have suggestions, please let me know. My work is always "a work in progress" if I think I can improve on it.


  1. Enjoying the direction of your new work. Bring on the texture. I've done some similar reduction of crackle paste to good advantage as well!