Friday, March 12, 2010

Burridge Class

I attended a Bob Burridge one-day workshop yesterday. I have been to many of his workshops, but every time I go I learn something new. There is always at least one nugget that I take home with me to apply to my future work. This workshop was about using collage in abstract paintings. Eventually I will post a couple images of my work from the workshop, but it is not truly finished yet. Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to work with Bob once again. We will be working on very loose florals and painting without brushes. Almost every time that I attend a Burridge workshop I end up painting with my fingers! My main motivation for attending Bob's workshops is the lift I get from his enthusiasm for his work. Secondly, it always helps me to loosen up my work. I have never met anyone who loves what he does as much as Bob does. He paints everyday and has for 20 years, and still he loves it. He is a very generous instructor, sharing all that he knows about creating art. Check out his work at

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