Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Studio Pictures

I decided today to take a few pictures of my studio to share with you. This was probably motivated by today's trip to The Paper Source, where I bought several stunning new papers to work with. I, of course, have more paper than I will ever use in my lifetime, but must have more. The first image is of the paints and brushes that I use everyday. The second is one wall of my studio. I have slatwall, and I hang each painting as it is finished and it eventually goes from there to a show. Or, some of them actually end up going back into a pile that I repaint. The table at the bottom of the picture is where I have pieces drying that I am currently working on. The third picture is of the shelving behind where I sit to do my painting. It has all my really good stuff like polymer clay, metal, painted papers, yarn, etc. The fourth picture is of some of the beautiful paper I purchased today. I can't wait to use it. Watch for it!

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