Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Edmonds Art Studio Tour

The Studio Tour is going to be here in about a minute and I am really trying to get ready.  Every year I forget how much there is to do.   Since I have been on the studio tour committee since the beginning, I have been thinking about and working on plans ever since the last one.  Now it is time for the big show and I need to think about my own studio.

I have to select the pieces I will hang because I can't hang them all.  Then I have to hang them and label them both on the back and with a wall label.  Sometimes I just give up and put price stickers on them, but always hope hot to resort to that.  Furniture has to be moved out of the studio so that people can get in and move around to look at the paintings.  All the last minute paintings have to be finished, photographed, wired, and labeled.  I am tired just thinking about it!

At the last minute we move most of the furniture out of our family room to accommodate visiting artists.  This year the artists are Janis Graves and Nancy Thompson.  Nancy has shown in my studio since the beginning.  That was 7 years ago, and I can hardly believe it.  This will be Janis's second year in my studio.  They are both painters and do wonderful work.

Then the signs must be labeled with all the correct studio numbers and arrows and put in place on the Saturday morning of the studio.

When the studio tour is over, there is still much work to do.  We must put back everything that belongs in our family room first of all.  Then the gathering of information from other studios begins.  I collect all the names, addresses and e-mail addresses collected on the sign-in sheets and add them to the appropriate list for sending out brochures next year.  I also compile statistical information on attendance while doing this.

As you can see it is a lot of work.  You might ask, why do I do it?  I do it because I love the idea of the studio tour and I love talking about my art.  It is a labor of love.

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