Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Burridge Mentor Workshop

I have just spent four days at Bob Burridge's studio for his mentor workshop.  Only seven artists attend, giving you each artist more time with Bob.  In addition, Kate Burridge showers you with good food and wine.  She provides breakfast, lunch and snacks, and the food is wonderful.  All this in a beautiful country setting in Arroyo Grande.

The workshop participants were from all over the map.  Margarita was from Hondurus, Lilian from United Arab Emirates (originally from South Africa), Kay from Alabama, Nancy from Texas, Phyllis from San Jose and Gina from LaQuinta.  Everyone was enthusiastic with a ready to learn attitude.

I worked on figurative pieces primarily, but also managed to complete a couple of abstract landscapes and several other abstracts.  It was a very productive workshop for me.  I have taken many workshops with Bob, primarily because his enthusiasm for his work inspires me to create.  He fires me up and my work loosens up.  I have been taking his workshops for about 15 years now.

I have been immersed in art for four days now and it is time to come back into the real world.  It is so nice to spend time with other artists talking primarily about art.  I always learn about new products to use, books to read and classes to take.  I think I can say that we all had a wonderful time.

Once I get my workshop paintings completed, mounted on board and photographed, I will be posting some of them for you to see what I have been doing the past few days.


  1. How exciting! I haven't taken a workshop in ages...they can be so much fun! can't wait to see what you did in his workshop!

  2. Sounds great Sue. I've been following his work ever since you told me about him several years ago. I watched one of his videos too- very inspiring!