Friday, April 17, 2015

25 5x5 Challenge at ARTspot

I cannot believe that this is my first entry in 2015.  It is the middle of April!  I have no idea why it has been so long, except for the month of March I was in Palm Springs.  There are still two other months unaccounted for and I could have done an entry while in Palm Springs for that matter.

I participated in a 5x5 challenge at ARTspot this month.  Art Walk was this past Thursday evening, and it was a great show.  Twenty five artists participated and each did 25 5x5 paintings.  It was a very busy evening and a lot of paintings were sold.  I forgot to mention that each one was $25.  Anything of mine that does not sell will end up at the Artist's Garage Sale at the Schack Center in June.  If you don't know about that, check it out at  It is a great sale.  Some of my 5x5 paintings are shown below.

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