Sunday, June 7, 2009

Artist's Garage Sale Report

What a fabulous day at the Arts Council of Snohomish Artist's Garage Sale! I sold a ton of paintings at very low prices, and want to thank everyone who bought one, or two, or three or more. It is so good to clear out old work and have room for all the new things I am going to paint. Made a little money too, which is always good. The best thing about the day is all the artists that I get to reconnect with, some of whom I have not seen for months. The unfortunate thing is that there is no time to get around and look at all the great stuff available. Next year I am going to ask my husband to stay for the first hour so I can get out and take advantage of the great bargins. I did manage to purchase a wonderful piece from Lisa JonesMoore as she was located next to me.


  1. i absolutely enjoyed my time at the sale, too! and glad to have scooped up the "zen" little piece of yours. yeah - will frame it for my mother for christmas. she will be so happy! got a load of collage materials for classes and personal use, a beautiful scarf from susie howell and some photos from lisa! conected with over a dozen art buddies! what could be better? xoxoxoxo

  2. Ha! And I got to purchase a wonderful piece of yours, and it's already hanging on my studio "Artist" wall. Love it!