Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's Over!

The Edmonds Art Studio Tour is now over, and it was a fabulous weekend. I just get so excited by all the people that I meet and get to talk to about my art. I also see people that I know that I do not see very often. Then there are the people that I know from non-art related venues that come to see my work for the first time. This year it was people from my water aerobics class, neighbors and my dentist. I get to stay in my own studio, talk about art with great people, share my space with other talented artists and sometimes sell paintings. What is not to love about that!

It was especially gratifying to sell "Daisies & Fire" to Carla. I hope you are reading this Carla. Carla and her husband already own a couple of my paintings, and I loved having the opportunity to spend time with her and talk about my work.

For the first time I had a discount table at the studio tour. Although some artists think that this is devaluing my work, I disagree. I love to paint, and it is the process, not the eventual painting, that really gives me joy. If I do not sell my paintings I will run out of room someday! I believe a number of people purchased items from my discount table that would not have been able to enjoy owning original art if the price had not been discounted. People are really worried about money right now, and I am happy that they are willing to spend anything to own a piece of original art.

I will definitely be particpating in Edmonds Art Studio Tour 2010.

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  1. I say "You go girl". There's nothing wrong with a clearance table moving some of your old work.

    I'd love to live down there and be involved.